You’ve probably heard about manuka honey due to its amazing properties and benefits.

But did you know manuka oil also has incredible anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties, plus much more?

It’s true, manuka benefits are far-reaching and extremely versatile which makes this oil an essential item for any medicine cabinet or first aid kit.


7 Surprising Manuka Benefits You Might Not Know About

From rashes to bug bites and sunburns to sore muscles, manuka oil has no shortage of amazing applications.

1.    Reducing Inflammation in Sore Muscles and Joints

Inflammation rears its ugly head in many places: the digestive tract, respiratory system, central nervous system, and musculoskeletal system.

Manuka oil is an excellent natural solution for treating all types of inflammation. Studies show that manuka honey is beneficial for digestive inflammation like ulcers.

  • Fill the bathtub with hot water and 10-20 drops of manuka oil to soothe aching joints.
  • Blend manuka with a carrier oil and rub directly onto sore muscles.
  • Inhale the vapors to reduce respiratory inflammation.

2.    Minimizing Scars

Manuka oil’s potent enzymes make it ideal for minimizing the appearance of scars. Look for manuka ointment packed with other skin-boosting ingredients like cocoa butter.

3.    Fighting Bacteria and Fungus

Did you know manuka has 20 to 30 times more antimicrobial power than tea tree oil? That’s pretty potent!

Turn to manuka oil as a natural solution for athlete’s foot or mix manuka oil into your hand cream for an antimicrobial boost.

4.    Soothing Sunburn

Manuka oil works with the body to improve your natural skin healing ability. These properties make manuka ideal for skin irritations like sunburns or rashes.

5.    Clear and Smooth Skin

Of all the benefits, this one is probably the most revered.

This powerful oil is an excellent natural solution for fighting acne and improving the appearance of skin due to its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.

6.    Improving Mood

Feeling down or on-edge? A sniffing some manuka oil can help with that: its natural scent is deep and woodsy which encourages a calm and relaxed mood.

7.    Mouthwash

Studies show that manuka oil is one of the best natural solutions for fighting bacteria in the mouth – beating tea tree, lavender, eucalyptus, and rosemary.

Look for oil from the East Cape region of New Zealand in a sustainable manner. Manuka trees in this location have the highest levels of ß-triketones which give the oil its powerful properties.