A camping holiday is as Kiwi as jandals, beach cricket and bbq sausages wrapped in bread. Whether it’s by a beach, lake or river, or in a paddock in the middle of nowhere, it’s a cheap way to get into the great outdoors. But what do you do about the itches, blisters, bites, stings and burns that come with every great camping trip?

Four things you have to pack

If you’re doing a lot of tramping or day walks, consider specialised blister plasters. Suede tape is expensive, but it can be cut into the perfect shape and is very effective at prevention as well as repair.

A hand sanitizer is great when picnicking or when away from clean running water. A small amount goes a long way to preventing tummy bugs.

If somebody does get a stomach upset, consider activated charcoal capsules.  Activated charcoal binds toxins and helps to remove them from the body. It also helps to alleviate gas and bloating, and assists with nausea and diarrhoea.

If someone in your camping group gets sunburned, the most effective remedy is to keep the affected area cold and apply aloe vera gel regularly. Drinking lots of water is a good idea too.

One ointment with a multitude of uses

There are many products in the market that offer relief for bug bites and stings, chafing, burns, small cuts and abrasions, but only one that takes care of all these problems. ManukaRx is an ointment that works for almost any kind of skin complaint. It’s even effective for acne.

The manuka oil in ManukaRx ointment is an effective antiseptic, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. Plus it contains other valuable ingredients – such as beeswax, shea butter and cocoa butter – which help to moisturise, protect and heal.

Camping first aid kit basics

A simple first aid kit ensures most minor injuries or problems are dealt with effectively.

Kit content Number
Bandaids 1 box
Antiseptic wipes 20
Crepe bandages 2
Diastop/ similar medicine for diarrhoea 1 pack
Disposable gloves 2 pairs
Eyewash 1 bottle
Insect repellent 1 bottle
ManukaRx 1 tube
Panadol 1 pack
Saline solution 30 ml 4
Scissors 1
Splinter probes 1
Sterile dressings in various sizes 4
Sunscreen 1 bottle
Tweezers 1
Tape 25mm x 5m 1
Triangular bandage with safety pins 1