We all have scars, and many of them might have been avoided if the wound had been treated properly. Medical advice of old has been to let wounds dry out.  However, research now shows that wounds heal faster and with less scarring when kept moist[1].  Keeping a wound moist stops scabs forming, and scabs lead to scarring.

The addition of moisture also reduces pain from the wound. Plus it reduces the risk of infection. There is less inflammation and the new skin is of superior quality.

Keep ManukaRx® ointment in your first aid kit

ManukaRx® ointment is an ideal to reduce scarring, because it contains a variety of ingredients that are proven to assist the healing process. The exceptional ingredient is manuka oil. It is abundant in β-triketones, a group of organic compounds that have antibacterial properties[2]. When combined with the other natural ingredients, ManukaRx® ointment is perfect to speed the the natural process and reduce scarring. Castor seed oil, sunflower seed oil, beeswax, cocoa butter and shea butter moisturise skin to keep it soft and supple.

How to treat and care for a wound

  1. Gently clean the area with water and a mild soap to remove any debris and inhibit germs.
  2. Keep the wound moist. Prevent the wound from drying out by applying ManukaRx® ointment. This prevents scabs from forming, which can prevent wound healing.
  3. After cleaning and applying ManukaRx®, cover the wound with an adhesive bandage.
  4. Change bandage daily. This helps to keep the wound clean while it heals. Clean and re-apply ManukaRx® as required to keep the wound moist.
  5. Apply sunscreen. Once the wound has healed, apply sunscreen to the scar. New skin is more delicate and prone to discolouration and pigmentation from the sun[3].

ManukaRx® is safe for you and your family, and will assist with healing the reduction of scarring.  It’s a multi-purpose natural product, from an amazing native plant.


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