Manuka oil has long been used to treat skin infections. But did you know that it’s also a great way to treat insect bites and stings? It’s especially effective when combined with other skin-friendly ingredients, such as turmeric oil, which helps to reduce inflammation.

You don’t have to create a manuka oil and turmeric oil potion for yourself, because we’ve already done it for you. ManukaRx® ointment is your instant insect bite kit in a tube.

Soothing and calming

Apply ManukaRx® ointment immediately after an insect bite. It cleans the wound and soothes the affected area. Turmeric oil and beeswax also assist with this process, as they help to reduce inflammation, itching and stinging.

Prevention of infection

Manuka oil possesses a high concentration of cyclic triketones, which have antibacterial properties. This means that an application of ManukaRx ointment can protect against infection, which can happen easily if a bite or sting pierces the skin. The addition of turmeric oil, which has a long history of medicinal antiseptic use in South Asia, reduces inflammation and its associated redness.

Reduces potential scarring

Manuka has cicatrisant properties that make it an effective healing agent. The oil also promotes growth of new cells, assisting in wound healing. And other ingredients in ManukaRx help to reduce potential scarring. For example, beeswax seals the wound while keeping it moist, which supports better healing; and sunflower oil, which is rich in vitamin E, improves skin health and regenerates cells. Together, these ingredients help to make sure mosquito bites and bee stings don’t cause unsightly scarring.

ManukaRx ointment can be used to treat a wide range of skin complaints. As well as providing first aid for insect bites or stings, it can be used to treat rashes, prevent infections and aid wound healing. It also provides intensive moisturising for dry skin. Keep it handy, always.