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How to create a natural first aid kit to care for your family

For a number of minor day-to-day injuries, there are effective natural treatments. While serious disease or illness must receive medical treatment from professionals, try using one of following options next time a family member needs some minor first aid. Activated...

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How manuka oil ointment supports skin barrier health

Skin is the largest organ in the body. The skin barrier performs an essential service in keeping us healthy and alive. While protecting us from outside threats, such as bacteria and viruses, it also has a far more important job: keeping moisture inside our bodies....

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5 ways to stay healthy with manuka oil ointment

Manuka extracts have long been used by New Zealand’s Maori people as remedies for all sorts of health issues. These include stomach complaints, skin problems, oral infections and as a treatment for a high fever. Modern science has now caught up with these ancient...

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Burns, and how to effectively look after them

Burns are common, especially if you spend a bit of time in the kitchen. It’s so easy to scorch your hand on a cast iron handle or while wrestling something out of the oven. If you burn yourself and the affected area is larger than 8cm in diameter or has blisters,...

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Your Essential Oils Guide for Easy and Natural Pain Relief

Conventional pain relief options often fall short. Prescription pain medications frequently come with harmful side effects and a high potential for abuse. Even over-the-counter options can damage the liver or stomach. Fortunately, nature provides many solutions for...

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